When selecting a web design package from Website4Everyone, you can rest assured that we will treat your project with the quality and professionalism you'd expect for a much budget, at a much more affordable price.

Whether you choose to have our most basic package or our higher-end Plus Package, we will endeavor to ensure your expectations are not just met, but are exceeded.

These days, "cost-effective web design solutions" seems to be synonymous with low-quality and average-at-best. Website4Everyone aims to break that mold and redefines this misconception. We strongly believe that our cost-effective, yet highly efficient approach to the web design service industry helps create high-quality and professional websites.

To ensure the entire project from initial contact to launch goes smoothly, we operate to the below staged process.

Stage 1: Project Initiation

This includes initial contact and a discussion of your needs, requirements, your package selection, etc.

Stage 2: Information, Content & Imagery Gathering

You will send us your company logo, content for the site, pages you'd like on the site (amount of pages depends on your package).

Stage 3: Design Mock-up & Sign-off

We will mock-up a design, complete with your logo and colour scheme and send across to you.

Stage 4: Build

Upon sign-off of the design, we will then build the website itself, according to your requirements and package.

Stage 5: Finalised Site Viewing & Sign-off

Once the site has been built and populated with content, we will send you a test link where you can see the completed site and how it will look once it goes live. You are allowed only minor tweaks at this point.

Stage 6: Site launch!

Upon sign-off of the test site, we launch it!

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